ŞK-HM – grain and combined grain seeder

ŞK-HM – grain and combined grain seeder

• Wheat, barley, oats, rye, etc. flakes; legumes such as lentils and chickpeas; alfalfa, rapeseed, etc. can be sown with small seeds.
• It can be used on all types of tractors and soil conditions. Seeding shares can be made with single disc, double disc and chisel shares on request.
• Can be towed by a tractor or used as a suspension.
• It leaves seed and fertilizer in the soil at the right depth and in the right quantity without interruption. Doesn’t clog or rub.
• The seed coulters can be either automatic or hydraulic (piston) to choose from.
• Disc plates are made of special steel and have double roller bearings.
• Made from quality material.
• This machine is easy to use, easy to set up and has a long service life.
• Seeding intervals (disc) can be set to 14.2 or 12.5 cm.
• Different types of tires can be installed depending on the terrain conditions.
• Coils for spreading seeds and fertilizers are made of aluminium. The shortened bottom covers are spring loaded. Seeds and fertilizers are easily unloaded.
• Bearings of the lever of a normal grade of seeds and fertilizers with ball bearings. It doesn’t make spaces.
• Seed and fertilizer tank covers are independent of each other. Separate opening lids for easy filling. Prevents mixing of seeds and fertilizers.
• Painted with oven paint system. Thus, the corrosion resistance of paintwork and metal surfaces is increased.
•Our seed drills are manufactured in accordance with TS5690 standards and are CE certified.



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