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“Agromarket Servis LLC” was founded in 2014, aiming to become a leader in the field of agriculture.

The main field of activity is designing, selling, installing and servicing pivot irrigation systems; design, sale, installation and service of drip, sprinkler irrigation systems; sale of agricultural pesticides, seeds, agricultural equipment and their parts

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In order to obtain a high yield from agricultural plants and increase soil fertility, measures of using fertilizers in agrotechnical systems occupy one of the most important places.

Agricultural techniques

Good technical support is very important for fast and quality work in the field of agriculture.

Agricultural drugs

It is necessary to regularly carry out chemical control measures against pests and diseases of agricultural plants, as well as weeds.

Seed cleaning factory

The process of cleaning and processing seeds is very important. This process should be carried out under special conditions and with high professionalism.


The seeds vary greatly in size and weight, as well as whether they are monocots or dicots. They come in a variety of colors and shapes.

Grain storage warehouse

Storage of grains and products in dwzgwn form; is very important. Therefore, the choice of stored warehouse should be done correctly.
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Yalama Agropark LLC

Проект «Ялама Агропарк», запущенный в октябре 2014 года, успешно смонтирован и передан заказчику. В рамках ирригационной системы Valley Pivot, установленной на 1200 га, компания в

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Azagro TaxIl LLC

On October 25, 2015, by order of Azagro Taxıl LLC, the project to install 13 Vally pivot irrigation systems on an area of 1053 hectares

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ООО Susen Agro

Within the framework of the Padar Çöl project, which started in December 2014, within three months, Vally pivot irrigation systems on 980 hectares of land

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Finished Work

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Finished Work

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Finished Work

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