Compaction and leveling of the top layer of the prepared soil for planting is provided by a reinforced roller. The roller is stretched before sowing; This is a guarantee of trouble-free operation of the seeder and seed germination. Rollers play an important role in the preparation of the seed bed, compacting the top layer of soil at about the planting depth, it ensures moisture retention, and the lower moisture, which the plant cannot use, rises up with capillarity. The seed has better contact with the soil and germinates easily. Before planting, breaking and breaking up clods on the soil surface and smoothing the surface ensures that the planter will work easily and without clogging.
It is also used for planting before winter and for compacting loose soil that has swollen after winter. Our production of two types of heavy rollers, TUBE and SPINDLE, there are different models with a working width of 4.5 to 7 meters. The tubular and spindle types have the same chassis design, the battery designs are different. The elements of the Cambridge type casting rolls are made of durable and high quality cast iron. The tubular type roller uses a 410 mm diameter roller wheel with a special profile with a wide toothed edge. The spindle type roller uses a thin roller wheel with a 490mm diameter toothed edge profile between the 450mm diameter roller wheel. Tracks formed by the edges of the rollers on the soil, max. Creates the effect of water retention and the effect of minimal water loss.
Side batteries should be folded for road conditions. In road condition, the machine is transported on two off-road rubber wheels type 10.0/75 15.3. In a rolled field; – The seeder produces a complete sowing without gaps, the percentage of plant germination increases. – Seed germination is guaranteed, the percentage of plant germination increases. -You will get higher efficiency. -You use less water. – Minimizes soil erosion.



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