• It has a very large weight in hectoliters and a granular structure of orange color.
  • It is unique from the point of view of grain quality thanks to the clean, shiny, vitreous grain structure and special starch chains.
  • The product line 31А34 provides high-quality raw materials for the starch, semolina and compound feed industry thanks to the quality of the grain.
  • It has a very strong stem structure and a genetically developed root system, so it has high resistance to lodging.
  • Thanks to the structure of the stem with high strength, it is resistant to the factors of stem rot, which quickly spreads in the fields of corn cultivation.
  • With a positive reaction to different soil structures; It adapts better to sandy fields with medium texture and rich nutrients.
  • Able to demonstrate a high level of tolerance to short-term stressful conditions.
  • The rate of grain moisture loss is high, the moisture content of the crop is low, the ability to stay green is high.
  • It is very resistant to leaf diseases common in Turkey.
  • You can contact our Pioneer sales representatives to get more detailed information about the landing frequency suitable for your region.


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