• This is the earliest variety sold in Turkey.
  • Thanks to its early ripening, it can be planted as a second crop after wheat and barley in the region of Central Anatolia.
  • The yield of the silage is quite high compared to the group.
  • The property of staying green is very aromatic, suitable for frequent sowing.
  • Low lignin content and NDF value. Содержимое ADF высокое.
  • High starch content. This is a variety with very low resistance to fermentation.
  • The crude protein content is quite high compared to the kendiol group.
  • It contains enough amylase, cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes in the plant.
  • Create silage with Pioneer 11CFT to obtain a high content of propionic acid and esterase enzyme.
  • Pioneer provides silage analysis for our farmers for free.
  • To get more detailed information about the sowing frequency and silage suitable for your region, you can contact our Pioneer sales representatives.


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