• DuPont™ Granstar® is a sunflower variety according to Valisun™ technology.
  • DuPont™ Granstar® is the first registered herbicide-tolerant sunflower variety in Turkey.
  • With DuPont™ Granstar® Valisun™ technology, our farmer fights broad-leaved weeds easily and cheaply.
  • The dosage of the drug is 3 grams per decare.
  • It is tolerant to known races of tuber grass.
  • Tolerant to known strains of mildew.
  • Has high yield potential.
  • The oil content is high.
  • Resistant to drought.
  • There is no soil selectivity.
  • The ability to adapt to different soil types is high.
  • You can contact our Pioneer sales representatives to get more detailed information about the planting frequency suitable for your region.


Sunflower seeds

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