• This variety has a white beginning.
  • The property of staying green is very high.
  • The silage yield is very high.
  • Vykhod starch is high.
  • The content of water-soluble carbohydrates is very great.
  • The content of lignin, hemicellulose, ADF, NDF is quite low.
  • Показатель лектации NEL (pure energy) is very high.
  • The indicator of effective fiber digestion is quite high.
  • Silose can be planted both as a main product and as a secondary product.
  • It is recommended to prepare silage using Pioneer silage modifiers.
  • Pioneer provides silage analysis for our farmers for free.
  • To get more detailed information about the sowing frequency and silage suitable for your region, you can contact our Pioneer sales representatives.


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