• It is the main product line with very high yield potential offered by Pioneer company for sale in Turkey, Europe and America.
  • Thanks to its upright and wide leaves, it has a very wide area of ​​photosynthesis. Thanks to this feature, the number of rows in the cob is more. It creates deep, high-quality grains with a high hectoliter weight.
  • There is no soil selectivity. As a result of the experiments, it was seen that it maintains a high yield potential in every soil type under proper maintenance conditions.
  • The structure of the stem is healthy and the ability to stay green is high. Thanks to these properties, it maintains a healthy plant structure until the moment of harvest.
  • Tolerance to common leaf diseases in Turkey is high.
  • You can contact our Pioneer sales representatives to get more detailed information about the planting frequency suitable for your region.


Семена кукурузы

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