Flat Floor Silos: Wide Roof

Flat bottom silos: The 76cm wide roof allows for more airflow when filling quickly, reaching the top conveyor equipment and during the drying process. Hingeless GSI galvanized sunroofs open with rods, making this method easier and safer, especially in windy conditions. When closed, the top cover fits snugly and securely closes with a spring-loaded latch.

Stairs, roll cages and steps


Flat bottom silos: Robust side ladders, stairwells and platforms provide easy access to enter, exit and manage the tank. Ladder parts are made of galvanized steel and are 22 inches (56 cm) or 44 inches (112 cm) long.

All stairwells are cast galvanized steel and bolted directly to the pre-drilled stair side wall.
It has a bell shaped opening that provides enough space under the cage for easy access when entering and exiting the stairs. Special anti-slip measures are available for easier grip on both ladders and platforms.
GSI also manufactures optional roof access roll cages and eave platforms for added convenience when operating or monitoring the storage system silo roof.

Easy Access Door

GSI Silo Entry Doors open completely on the internal entry door panels, with no horizontal bars or braces to be removed or removed.
Specially designed lever latches that require no keys or tools increase the opening force of the service door by up to 20 times against compression caused by grain loading.
Other features include a lid for easy grain control and factory sealed door frames that reduce installation time.
A heavy duty 24″ round entry door is available as an option. However, this round door is standard from silos of a certain height. Additionally, you can order galvanized steps for door facades and other hard-to-reach places as an option.

Complete systems

As a manufacturer of a complete GSI system; grain storage silos, transport systems and centrifugal fans, burners, fan connectors, silo drying + storage systems< / strong> offers you a complete product line consisting of portable and tower dryers, bottom scrapers, unloading systems, silo mixing augers and bottom ventilation systems.

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