Fertilizer spreaders, which are made of the suspended (hydraulic) type, are attached to the tractor with the help of a three-point suspension system. The main tank is 650 liters, and the capacity of fertilizer spreaders increases to 850 and 1000 liters with additions. Fertilizer spreaders are manufactured with a standard double hydraulic system. Thanks to the hydraulic control lever, it is very easy to unload fertilizers from the tractor cabin at the ends of the border, and unnecessary consumption of fertilizers it is prevented due to the fast closing of the cabin. The working width of the machine can reach 10-24 meters, but these adjustments must be made by changing the angle of the disk and the length of the wings depending on the type of fertilizer. The container for manure is divided into two parts by an inverted V-shaped separator sheet at the bottom, and the vertical mixer located in it ensures uninterrupted supply of fertilizers.


A-850 suspended fertilizer spreader

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