40 Series Flat Bottom Silo

40 Series Flat Bottom Silo

40 Series Silo Storage Systems SILO ROOF EVOLUTION

The most important feature of the GSI 40 Series Granary is the evolutionary Z-Single Rod system. The Z-Tek Roof System silo is designed to handle higher loads and larger loading equipment. Precision-engineered Z-Single Roof system, working like a granary team, includes Z-beams and purlins, roof rim, flat top, roof panels for unrivaled durability and protection.


With an increase in productivity, the carrying capacity and dimensions of transport equipment have increased. Hence, large flat upper floors of the roof are needed. Built-in connection points make it easy to connect transport equipment for more precise assembly. In addition, silos with a diameter of 72 feet (21.94 m) and larger may have a passage at the top of the roof.


The assembly of the roof is simplified by using conventional fixing materials. The double clamp connection on the top circle of the roof provides a stronger connection between the beams and straps, and the one-piece eave connection makes it easier to connect the roof panels to the sidewall sheet and provides better protection for your grain.


All purlins are designed as pressure purlins to distribute the load on the roof. Z-Tek Roof System in addition to a simplified design for faster installation, it allows for increased peak and snow loads. GSI purlins are manufactured using the latest RollForm technology for a precise fit.



Tested with a load of more than 225,000 lbs = 102,000 kg. The Z-Tek Roof System is designed for heavy loads.

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