• The ability to adapt to various soil conditions is high, and its effectiveness is especially high on heavy soils.
  • Very resistant to drought, leaf diseases and ear rot.
  • The stem and root system are very strong. Therefore, it is very resistant to sleep.
  • Due to its unique color and grain quality, it is an ideal product, especially for the feed industry.
  • Due to rapid moisture loss, crop moisture is low.
  • Very large hectoliter weight.
  • The main feature is the low content of lignin. Thus, the digestion of cellulose and hemicellulose becomes easier. By increasing the EFD value taken into account in the calculation of the ration, more dry matter intake is achieved with less use of silage.
  • It is recommended to harvest silage using Pioneer brand silage modifiers.
  • Pioneer analyzes silage free of charge for our farmers.
  • For more information on planting frequency and silage appropriate for your area, please contact our Pioneer sales representatives.


Seeds of corn

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